The First Mistake In Your Software Project

Does this sound familiar? A company X has a software product. Over the course of 24 months, the product team worked on a bunch of new and updated features with external consultants and agencies. The project had the right stakeholders within the organisation, all with specific needs for various essential features. The project team worked hard to design and build all those features to satisfy the needs of the stakeholders. At the same time, the business functions generated multiple powerpoints of the future success of the updated offering.

Finally, the product team succeeded in jumping through all the loops necessary to finish the project. The development budget was close to a million euros covering the design and coding of the product upgrade. The team finished on time and budget.

The launch of the updated product was a success, right? The product became better! All the features were built based on requirements from stakeholders.

In the end, the update didn’t help the company to do more of what they wanted to accomplish. It didn’t help to generate more paying customers. It didn’t help existing customers to become happier nor did it reduce the cost of customer success. Although the product became better, it didn’t help the business become better.

This is a reality in many organisations building software products. The process is universal, and it happens across industries. Lots of time and money is poured in the quest to become better, but all too often this doesn’t translate into tangible business success for the company.

In building better products, it is imperative first to understand what better means. In product development, better product means figuring out what customers need and giving it to them.

In other words, all your product development decisions should revolve around the customer. Not your internal stakeholders. Obsess about making your customers successful and don’t hesitate to say no to anything that will not drive better customer outcome.

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Written by our Business Lead, Tommi Huovinen, who drives the software projects of our customers too. In the coming weeks, we’re sharing our tips and tricks for you to level up your work as a product owner. Stay tuned!

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